365: March Favourites

March Mosaic

1. rise and shine, 2. yo ho, a writer’s life for me!, 3. Precious, 4. the goldfish gang, 5. And the sky was all violet, 6. Veggie Friends, 7. Celebrating Nowrooz, 8. Yellow, 9. Morning Glory

Oh my, it’s June already and I’ve just finished sorting through, post-processing and posting the photos I took in March for the 365 Days challenge. It’s still nice to look back and remember what happened, and I’m quite content with the results.
Again, there were many opportunities to catch some great light — especially the early mornings surprised me with beautiful sunrises in soft yet vibrant colours; and with fog, frost, and silhouettes.
I also spent a lot of time revising and organizing the first draft of the novel that I wrote last year during National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). A month spent writing/working on a novel a lot is always a good month, so I can’t complain in that area.
March also marked the beginning of spring and the New Year’s celebration in many other countries around the world, and I arranged a Nowrooz table for my boyfriend so he wouldn’t feel left out of the traditional celebrations of his family.
And then there were the random things that really make me happy — a blossoming orchid, vegetables in a fruit vendor’s truck, and cute little goldfish.