366: December 2020

December 2020 mosaic

1. 336/366, 2. 337/366, 3. 339/366, 4. 341/366, 5. 344/366, 6. 347/366, 7. 348/366, 8. 355/366, 9. 356/366, 10. 358/366, 11. 359/366, 12. 360/366, 13. 365/366, 14. 366/366

A new job, a new perspective, new challenges, a new free library, a new found love for Christmas and new traditions. A new kind of inner peace, a new year of my life and a new year at our doorstep. So many new things for good old December, and how unexpected all of it was. Usually I’m not a big fan of change but this time, it’s all good.

And I stuck to this 366 project, even though I missed about a third of the days. But still — now I have all these memories in pictures, and moments captured that would be too fleeting and ordinary to be remembered otherwise. I’m going to do this 365 / 366 project again in the future, just not next year but maybe in 2022? I’m still taking photos everyday though, but I think I want to get away from phone photography and back to film for 2021.

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