July’s Photo Highlights

July had some personal photography-related highlights in store:


For one, my Flickr account reached one million total views. (Yay!) This sounds like a lot, but bear in mind that I’ve been on Flickr for more than seven years now. I’m not super-popular, and since my photos are not out of the ordinary, it is hard to be seen  and get huge amounts of exposure (and I’m okay with that). Reaching this mark seemed impossible to me a few years back, and for the longest time, I couldn’t even imagine reaching anywhere near to one million views. So hitting that mark after all these years was really surreal and otherworldly (and also really cool, too!).

On another note, my first photo was accepted to the market on eyeem.com, a stock photography platform that I joined just recently. The review process takes a lot longer than I expected though; I’m still waiting for all the other photos to be reviewed and (hopefully) accepted. As far as my experience goes with selling photos on massive online platforms (Getty Images / Flickr Marketplace), it will either take a long time to happen, or it won’t happen at all. There is just so much content out there. All you can do is persist on doing your thing (and never stop!).


365: April Favourites


1. Welcome surprise, 2. Birthday Flowers, 3. … with flowers in her hair, 4. Cotton Candy, 5. Crazy Hair, 6. New life, 7. Between darkness and light, 8. Peel, 9. Light in the Dark

April was a blur and a constant balancing act between darkness and light in many ways. We were dealing with the loss of a family member, the funeral and the grief, all of which left us devastated and feeling surreal.
On the brighter side, spring was especially beautiful this year and I managed to take the odd photograph here and there to capture it all, even though for much of the month I let my camera rest because I just couldn’t bring myself to pick it up every day. I think the mosaic above illustrates the different extremes on the mood scale that prevailed in April quite well.