365: February Favourites

february mosaic (2)

1. 40/365, 2. 50/365, 3. Blue Hour,
4. filter problem solved!, 5. 42/365, 6. 52/365,
7. 46/365, 8. ☕ = ♥, 9. add cheesy title

As this blog and this site are still in the making (and at the very beginning, too), I’ll start out by posting these little selections and reflections of the past months until I’ve found my groove and my way around here.

These are some of my favourites from February (it’s always hard to choose), a month that was so cold but not as dark and gloomy as I was afraid it would be. I’m usually not particularly fond of January and February (winter depression, anyone?), so I was surprised it was that good to us this year. Or maybe it has always been this good, only I wasn’t looking in the right places all those year before? Maybe that is one of the benefits of doing this 365 photo project. It can shift your perspective, keeps you looking out for all the good stuff that is out there for you to find, provided you look closely enough and keep your eyes, your mind and your heart open. (I bet that sounds cheesy, but I don’t care.)

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